SFD 17 supports Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
The Sheffield Fans Derby is excited to announce that for the next event in 2022 we will be supporting the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Jessops hospital.

We are really lucky to have a purpose built maternity hospital right here within Sheffield, where approximately 8,000 babies are born every year. Sadly, not every birth goes smoothly. Jessop’s is home to one of the largest and most specialised Neonatal Intensive Care Units in the country, caring for around 900 critically ill and premature babies each year.

The unit comprises of:
• 18 intensive care cots
• 6 high dependency cots
• 18 special care cots
• 6 transitional care cots

Support from the Charity helps local babies and their parents during the happiest and saddest times. For example, kind donations allow families to stay close to their babies while they’re being cared for at Jessop’s. Babies sometimes need to stay in Jessop’s for months at a time, and many families want to stay as close as they possibly can. This means mums and dads often need to leave their homes to come and stay in or near the neonatal unit for a long time. At such a stressful and emotionally draining time, parents shouldn’t have to worry about where they will stay, how they’ll find the money to pay for it, and how they’d get back to hospital in case of an emergency. That’s why the family accommodation funded by our supporters is so important.

Here is a brief breakdown of what the money raised from SFD17 could go towards within the Neonatal Unit:

The amount of …

could provide…


Snack bags for families who need to take some much needed ‘time out’ from the ward by going on a walk with the Family Support Sister


A thoughtful birthday gift for parents from their baby – including a card and hand/foot prints for the family to keep forever


Bedding for the Charity funded parent accommodation which enables families to stay close by to their child and to be at the cotside when needed the most


Baptism packs including candle, keepsake blanket, castings


Keepsake boxes for parents to treasure important memories


1 year supply of metal hearts - one for the parents to keep and one to be kept with the baby that has sadly passed away


A box of life-saving equipment including cooling wrap mattress’ to enable parents to bond with their child by having cuddles whilst treatment is provided


Numerous copies of the "first steps" book which gives parents information on how to care for and support their premature baby


Funding for a Family Support Sister to work with families and offer advice and support on their Neonatal journey


On-going access to the important V.Create cameras which enables parents to see photos of their baby when they can’t be with them. Sharing moments with siblings and family members who can’t visit and helping the family to bond with the child

Iain Atkins, “I have been privileged enough to be able to see firsthand the work that the amazing people do within the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit when I went on a tour of the facilities with the Charity many years ago for the SFD. I have also seen the journey that a parent goes on when they need to call on this unit with my nephew having spent a lot of time on the ward within the first months of his life. We are incredibly lucky as a city to have this amazing facility on our doorstep. Something that we can use and depend on if needed in our lifetime. But equally something that needs our continuing support to be able to operate and work to the full extent of its ability. I am really excited for the SFD to be supporting this Charity through our 2022 event. Please help us to support something so vital to preserve and carry new life into this world. Please help us to raise the most money we have ever done before and break through the 10k barrier for this amazing unit.”

The Sheffield Fans Derby returns in 2022, starting with two warm up matches in March 2022 against Supporting Charities FC. We are looking for event sponsors for a range of categories for the events in 2022, please get in touch if you can help us!

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