Leslie Martin Memorial Football Match

We would like to bring your attention to a Memorial Football Match being held this Friday, all organised by one of the SFD officials Adie Roebuck.

Date: Friday 15th December 2017
Venue: St George’s Park, Thorncliffe
Kick-off: 8pm
SU Fans v SW Fans
In aid of Sheffield Boccia Disability Club

Sheffield United Fans
Manager: Mark Dolan

  1. Gareth Swift
  2. Jamie Wathen
  3. Dean Pearce
  4. Joe Hindmarsh
  5. Wayne Garrity
  6. Greg Ramsden
  7. Craig O’Brien
  8. Kallum Marlow
  9. Lewis Slater
  10. Zach Smith
  11. Brad Smart
  12. Mark Dolan
  13. Aiden Chevens
  14. Mike Adams
  15. Jonny Leary
  16. Aaron Kay
  17. Tom Ward

Sheffield Wednesday Fans
Manager: Gary Marsden

  1. Matthias Johnson
  2. Tom Senior
  3. Craig Pinder
  4. Mark Leary
  5. Nathan Tankard
  6. Jack Clarke
  7. Stu Whitworth
  8. Kris Heald
  9. Kevin Martin
  10. Christian Gass
  11. Brad Spencer
  12. Paul Crossley
  13. Peter Hardy
  14. Liam Johnson
  15. Ryan Brown
  16. Charlie Paterson
  17. Adie Roebuck

Post match please join the teams in Thorncliffe Sports Bar where a raffle will be taking place.

Adie Roebuck on why this event is taking place and why you should get behind it:
“My cousin Leslie Martin sadly passed away on the 18th of November after the Sheffield Wednesday match at Hillsborough. Hillsborough stadium was place he loved to be watching the Owls and will be dearly missed by everyone. Leslie was also a very good and keen Boccia player a sport for the disabilities and Leslie won double Gold in the special Olympics a few months ago. Big things were ahead for the big man in Boccia and I am sure he will be throwing a few Boccia balls about up there. Leslie’s brother Kyle also plays Boccia and loves it and will carry on competing and I hope our Kyle will be successful and we give him and all his team mates the help they need and deserve. I am sure Leslie will be watching Kyle and the team and will never be far away. I want us all to raise as much as we can for Sheffield Boccia club so they can continue to get equipment, player fees, travel to tournaments etc. Sheffield Boccia club is run as a voluntary charity and deserves what we can do for them. The players of different disabilities love the sport love their friends and are doing something they love and makes them happy.”

“Leslie would be so happy on me doing this for his beloved Boccia club. So please help me out and raise some funds for this set of lads and lasses to continue to grow the sport and make Leslie proud.”

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