Event Registration Phase One Open
The Sheffield Fans Derby is delighted to open Event Registration Phase One for #SFD14 which will be hosted at Bramall Lane in May 2017.

With a date not yet being confirmed the event registration process will be slightly different this year to take that factor into account.

The player registration fee once again stays at £30 per player, which will need to paid to confirm your place once the selection process has finished. Each player will then need to raise a MINIMUM of £40 to play in the fixture, this will need to be proved the week before the event.

Please fill out the application form below and read the T&C below.

As per previous events professional or semi-professional players aren’t permitted to play in the event.

On the form this year there is a space where you will be asked to provide any dates that you are NOT available throughout May 2017. This is so that the two managers (Matt Phillips & Iain Atkins) can go through the applications and see which players are available once the date is announced.

Why are we starting the registration selection process before we have a confirmed date?
Being able to start the registration and selection process now means that there is a longer lead time ahead of the match and allows the players to maximise their sponsorship opportunities. To wait until the date is confirmed would make the selection process much shorter and mean that players potentially would not raise as much for the charity.

Player Registration Fee: £30 (payable upon selection – non refundable)
Minimum Sponsorship: £40 (this must be proved the week before the event, otherwise the player will not be allowed to play). We hope that all players will raise substantially more.

Click here to open the Application Form

Click here to open the T&C’s

Make sure that all the relevant documents are completed and returned to registration@sheffieldfansderby.co.uk

The Registration Process will stay open for two weeks, closing on 26th March 2017 at 12 noon.

Published: 12th March 2017

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